Mario Bros, a sneaky pup, and Bear Flag Wine

Tonight is babysitting night: an irregular feature in my life that is always a special treat. The child I tend to is at a very fun age (3), is generally precocious and lovely, and has very cool parents who happen to be both friends and colleagues (sort of. It’s complicated.). IMG_1512.JPG

My night, thus far, has consisted of: safely transporting R from daycare to home, feeding her, bathing her, and putting her to bed; finishing my book (Camilla Gibb’s Sweetness in the Belly, which you can expect a blogpost about soon); playing Mario Bros (the original!) on a cartridge with no capacity for saving; and drinking some Bear Flag red. Oh! And trying to keep a very sneaky pup from sleeping on her people’s bed. Who am I kidding though: she is actually just conked right out on their pillows right now, and refuses to wake up/register my voice/care at all when I call her. Anyway, this wine is $12.95, but I’m babysitting, so it it also technically free.

It’s very dark in color. It might be lighter if I weren’t drinking it from a (small) mason jar, but even when I tilt the glass to let the light shine through it’s a nice purpley-plum color. With no sediment, and virtually no legs, this wine is sending some mixed signals. “I’m real rich, but not *that* rich.”

Very little is going on with the nose on this. It is maybe a little fruity, but it kind of mostly smells like nothing. Possible reasons: I don’t know how long this bottle has been open for; this room is very cold.

I really like the taste of this wine. It is smooth, and pretty dry but still fruity. Well balanced, overall. Some flavors that I get are: a nice flowery taste in the middle, and a rich plum flavor up front.

What Dirtbag Snacks Can I Pair With This Wine?
Foods that I have eaten with this wine: pretzels, saltine crackers, a single baybel cheese wheel. None of these are the right snack. I think I would like to pair this wine with milk chocolate, but it is hard to tell without any milk chocolate around.

10/10 for “would I drink this while relaxing after work” and 6.5/10 for “goes well with heavy winds,” though I would want something a bit more tart/firm for a full-fledged storm.

Mario Bros, a sneaky pup, and Bear Flag Wine