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“Thinking of the face-to-face encounter as collective in its very singularity is about developing a different understanding of collective politics in which alliances are always formed, but are not assumed to take one form. That is, alliances are not always guaranteed by the pre-existing form of a social group or community, where that form is understood in terms of sameness or difference. The collective then is not simply about what ‘we’ have in common- or what ‘we’ do not have in common. Collectives are formed through the very work that we need to do in order to get closer to others, without simply repeating the appropriation of ‘them’ as labour or as a sign of difference. Collectivity then is intimately tied to the secrecy and intimacy of the encounter: it is not about proximity or distance, but a getting closer which accepts the difference and puts it to work.”
-Sara Ahmed, “The Other and Other Others.”

Putting this here for later….

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